We are all facing great uncertainty and instability during this time. Our worlds have seemingly been turned upside down. As a result many of us are struggling with immense feelings of fear, panic and anxiety. During this global crisis we all need pathways to relaxation and groundedness. I can help you learn practical, simple tools to calm your nervous system and ease anxiety and stress. Such difficult times call for inner steadiness and strength for ourselves and others.
It is possible to navigate this challenging time with resiliency and calm. 
As humans our bodies and brains have an innate ability to heal themselves and be restored to ease and balance. I work collaboratively and compassionately, using gentle, accelerated tools such as EMDR, Somatic Therapy and mindfulness, and other proven therapies which tap into these natural abilities, treating trauma and accumulated life stress.

The beauty of humanity is that each one of us possesses the strength and wisdom to make peace with our past and grow vibrantly into our future. Counseling is a powerful tool for harnessing our potential, healing our wounds, and moving boldly toward our goals. My mission is to help you regain your center with support and help through insight and empowerment.

During the therapeutic process you will have the opportunity to comfortably express feelings, identify goals, explore patterns of thinking that may be creating emotional difficulties and develop healthy ways of thinking and being. You will gain coping skills to help address future problems in adaptive and resilient ways.


Patricia Bolen LMHC
Port Townsend WA 
360 774-0006

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